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Which Fragrance do you recommend for me?

Our unisex Premium Niche Fragrance called Dumont Barouj will definitely you will like for party wear and for Daily use. For every day Dumont Nitro you will love the most as fragrance lasts for longer period of time Try our Dumont Dumax for Daily use.

How can I find my perfect Dumont perfume?

We have something for every one. Please specify your gender, which smell you like and if it is for daily or occasional wear. Seasonal Preferences like Strong perfumes during winter and out lighter perfumes during Summer.

Are There Fragrances Designed to be worn for daytime or for evening…?

We do have a name ‘Nuit’ which means it is for evening but there is not hard and fast rules that have to be followed as this really is all about you. Recommend lighter concentration for day time-an eau de Parfum Eau de toilette at night time which is basically a more intense version of the same scent.

Can perfume Help change my mood?

Yes: many people use fragrance as a lift for their spirits, and there is
even a name for the science behind this: ‘aromachology’. It’s been scientifically proven that different aromas can impact on mood and
emotions – not just personally, but affecting those around you. Bergamot is a feel-good ingredient, peppermint makes you perkier and more alert,and grapefruit – believe it or not – makes others believe you’re
younger than you are…! This is one reason so many people now have a
‘wardrobe’ of fragrances, rather than just one signature scent: a
perfume to make them feel romantic, after a hard day staring at a computer screen; to give them a relaxed, weekend feel on Saturdays and Sundays – or simply something that they spritz on for work, in the
morning, which makes them feel focused and professional, in the same way as a smart suit or a crisp white shirt…