Commited to professionalism in the perfumes trade, DUMONT have evolved to become one of the most respected traders in the industry. With the growth of its distributors and partners in mind, DUMONT offers trade schemes that ensure safe investments which consequently sustains the flow of business in its distribution network.

Product pricing by DUMONT is on a level that is sensitive to market demands. This approach puts its partners and distributors in a competitive position, reason why Dumont’s distribution network has kept growing since its establishment. Within a span of only a few years, DUMONT, equipped with an intelligent business strategy,
expansion was inevitable.

From DUBAI, FRANCE and now to USA- needless to say DUMONT is geared to take on the realization of its ambitions.

DUMONT welcomes and encourages potential partners distributors to join its network expansion program for new trade opportunities in the fragrance, industry.

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"So I Got the 10 percent discount on the ongoing offer. Believe me that the fragrance lasted a whole day and did not vanished..... Such a sweet smell that I was joyful wearing it"

Annisa Brown

"Just on the Point - Dumont is something premium in real sense. The scent or the fragrance would make you love it forever. I have tried Gucci etc so many others but the Borouj Perladour just gives those a tough competition"