What is Eau De Toilette? Knowledge Base

Eau De Toilette is a French word that literally means toilet water. But if used appropriately it means "grooming water". It can be used as a skin freshener as it is a very lightly scented cologne. Due to the presence of high alcoholic content, it is also referred to as "aromatic water". Due to the high concentration of alcohol is generally used directly into the skin after shaving or bathing by man. Originally it was composed of various volatile oils and alcohol.


Eau De Toilette has been named after some of its principal ingredients including violet water, geranium water, lavender water, the spirit of Myrcia, and 'Eau de Bretfeld'. Due to the presence of these ingredients, it has been referred to as toilet water. As compared to perfume, eau de toilette has less fragrance concentration but more fragrance concentration than cologne.


The predecessor of your eau de cologne, Hungarian Eau de Toilette was first introduced in the 14th Century by Queen Elizabeth of Hungary. Firstly it was known as hungry water or "Eau de la Reine de Hongrie". It is contaminated with some Herbs called Rosemary that makes its fragrance evaporate slowly in the skin to give a refreshing Aroma to your skin. However, some of the researchers have a doubt that it was originally invented by the queen of Hungary. On the other hand, Louis xiv who was the king of France used various questions of fragrance which was then called "heavenly water" to add fragrance to his shirts which were consisted of rose water, Orange water, musk, Aloe wood, and some other spices.

Varieties of Eau De Toilette

There are various different kinds of Eau De Toilette available in the market-

Creole Toilet Water:

This is made with 6.75 ounces of orris root that cut down into small pieces of French brandy of 1.5 pints. Now, this mixture needs to stand for about two weeks with frequent stirring. Now to give the final touch to this toilet water you need to add three points of French bendy and few drops of orange Blossoms oil. Now at 0.75 fluid ounce of oil of geranium to give its proper essence and Aroma that prove mesmerizing to your skin.

Eau de Lavanda ambre:

This fragrance is quite famous among Spanish women as it is one of their favorite fragrances which they used to add Aroma to their hair as well as they also used it on their skin after taking shower.

Honey water:

It is old-time English toilet water. The formula of this fragrance is given by the British pharmaceutical codex.

Lavender water:

The formula of this fragrance is consists of 8 fluid ounces of deodorized alcohol, 1 fluid ounce of Lavender oil, 80 grams of carbonate of magnesia, and three fluid ounces of rosewater to provide a charismatic Aroma to this fragrance.

Rosewater toilet water:

This toilet water is made up of the extract of one pint of cassia, one print of tuberose, 4 ounces of jasmine, and 3 ounces of tincture of civet. Rosewater toilet water is mainly popular in some of the regions of the Middle East especially in Egypt where it is called as 'maward.

White rose toilet water:

The formula of this toilet water is made up of one ounce of a triple extract of white rose, few drops of rose geranium, 2 to 3 drops of Rose oil, 6 ounces of hot water, and 26 ounces of cologne spirits. Due to the presence of these ingredients, it provides a mild fragrance to white rose toilet water that makes it comfortable to wear the whole day long.

Viennese Cosmetic Toilet Water:

The fragrance of these toilet water is made up of the extracted water of orange flower, some water of Roses, and brushed almonds. Then rub up the waters with brushed almonds. Later on, add borate of soda and let it dissolved in the solution to give the perfect Aroma to this fragrance.

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