What is a fragrance mist?

If you are looking for a mild fragrance that freshens up your mood and boosts confidence then a refreshing fragrance Mist is the perfect option for you. We know that most people don't know the difference between a fragrance mist and a perfume. Simply a fragrance Mist which is also known as a body mist is a low concentration perfume that is very affordable to give it fresh out of the shower feel and scent. Helps in keeping your skin healthy and hydrated as it provides a mild fragrance that is capable of giving a rejuvenating feeling.


For all the people out there who love to wear mild scents then a fragrance Mist would be the perfect and affordable choice for them. In this article, we are going to share a detail about fragrance mist and various tips to make it last longer.

Difference between perfume and fragrance mist

The main feature which differentiates a fragrance Mist from perfume is their formulation. Mainly all the fragrances are made up of the perfect mixture and blends of chemical aromas essential oils with alcohol and water.


To create a perfect Aroma of your perfume experts need to do extensive research mixing and testing with the ingredients. To get the desired formula it may take efforts of hundreds of ingredients and several years. After that, this formula is used to blend the extracted oils for getting the desired scent. Alcohol is then mixed into the solution for diluting the ingredients. Depending upon the type of scent, the amount of alcohol is added to the freshly extracted oils. Depending upon the amount of alcohol the scent or the aroma of the perfume is determined. The perfume which contains the least amount of alcohol has the strongest scent with up to 40% of essential oils. Dumont perfume mostly used essential oils as a part of its ingredients to serve strong and soothing sent to their clients.


Like solvents, fragrance mist mostly has water while EDT or EDP contains various solvents with a high concentration of alcohol. So we can say that fragrance Mist is much lighter than perfumes because they contain less amount of alcohol on the other hand perfumes are much long-lasting and stronger in nature.


Another thing that differentiates a fragrance Mist from perfume is the ingredients that are used to make them. Usually, a fragrance Mist contains nourishing ingredients which are having the properties to provide management and moisture to your skin by using ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile. Despite these various other ingredients like green tea extracts can also be used to make fragrance mist so that it will be able to give an antioxidant effect to your skin.

How to apply fragrance mist?

Most people are of the view that you can use the fragrance Mist the same way you use perfume but along with using it on the pulse points, you can also apply it all over your body hairs and clothes as well. For the perfect application of fragrance mist firstly you need to prepare a base by applying a moisturizer after taking a shower. Soon after the moisturizer is absorbed by your skin you can spray the fragrance Mist all over your body this trick will help you to last your fragrance Mist a little longer.

How long does fragrance Mist last?

As we have discussed earlier that fragrance mists are not long-lasting or strong like perfumes. But still, it managed to provide a mesmerizing Aroma and delicate fragrance that uplift your mood. Generally, a fragrance Mist lasts between 2 to 3 hours that makes it perfect for a before-bed feeling and adding more fragrance layer to your perfume and can be used for a subtle scent for a casual outing.

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