What does your fragrance say about you?

Everyone wants to create a good first impression. The way you carry yourself by dressing properly and effectively present your personality will surely affect how you are going to be remembered by the people you are meeting. First thing first, when you meet someone the first thing they notice about you, is your fragrance. In this way, the perfume which you are going to choose for yourself reflects your personality in a great manner. Various researches show that there is a correlation between who you are and the scents you wear.

Citrus Scents

The citrus family of fragrances is also said to be the 'Hesperide' family. As the name suggests this kind of fragrance is used to celebrate the energy of citrus fruits. This fragrance is having a hint of grapefruit, bergamot, orange, and lemon that is usually combined with the leaves and Blossoms of citrus fruit trees like orange blossom, neroli to achieve the perfect aroma of a citrus note perfume. Among various other fragrance families, this family of scents usually go in hard but one settle down gives a strong Aroma to a man's body that makes it more convenient to wear of all the scent categories.


Also, this kind of scents would be a great choice for wearing in an interview or other important meetings to show your concern about the business.

Woody scents

Woody scent is one of the most nostalgic and emotive as it is capable to bring back the memories of old books, campfires, pencil shavings, and many more. This category of fragrance reminds of warm, dry, and Richwoods like cedarwood, sandalwood, Oak, patchouli that makes this group of fragrance towards the macho side of things due to which it becomes one of the most massive fragrance categories to be wearable by most of the men out there.


This type of scents is believed to be worn by outspoken, extroverts and born leaders who became role models and try to set trends instead of following them. After wearing woody scents you are known for being cool and having the most inspiring social media feeds.

Floral scents

If you are one who loves old school classics and a romantic kind of person then floral scents would be the perfect choice for you. It has been found that most sensitive people wore this kind of Aroma. Those people who are said to be so emotional and always considerate value for their friendship and loved ones will carry floral scents. As with this scent, you will never go out of style.

Fruity scents

You know if you are a fan of fruity scents then there is a great chance that you are as sweet as the smells such scents are sporting. Mostly the fun-loving people who love to play with the fragrance opt for this kind of fragrance as you always want to be surrounded by the people and to be noticed by every girl or boy out there.

Which will you choose?

Choosing the perfect scent for yourself is as important as what you write on your social media bio as it says about you a lot. While shopping for perfume make sure it doesn't turn people off and you will get compliments for the person you actually are.

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