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Since 4000 years ago humans have been using various scented oils made from Botanical plants, woods, spices, resins, and animal musks. During this time fragrances have been evolved so dramatically they roam around the world and move through Egypt and Persia from Mesopotamia through Arabia and finally reach Europe. If we talk about the history of fragrance then this story really begins in 1709 when Geovanni Marina Marina created a joyful fragrance with lighter notes made up from flowers, citrus fruits herbs, and many more. He blended all the notes and named it after the name of a city Cologne and from then it has been recognized as a masculine fragrance. In this article, we are going to share tips for men's fragrance.

Know the occasion

Just the way you carry a dress according to the occasion in the same way you should pray the fragrance according to the occasion you are going to attend. If you don't want to give a headache to your co-workers or your companion it is suitable to go for something light like vetiver or Nairobi-based tone perfumes. On the other hand, if you are planning to go for a date night it is advisable to go for a slightly heavier perfume having a seductive Aroma like having the tone of Turkish Rose, tonka bean, or amber. Wait wait wait, one more thing you should consider that how long you need your fragrance to last this will help you to decide the best fragrance concentration within your budget.

Change with the season

There are different note of fragrance available in the market that is specifically made to suit the specific time of the year. In general, it is said that it was based on floral juice call Agnes work better from spring to summer. On the other hand leather or Woody based fragrances are seen to be carried during the autumn or winter season.

Try before you buy

Whenever you go out shopping for your new fragrance so instead apply it directly to yourself it is advisable to use blotter cards. In reality, it has been found that you are able to apply the spray only two to three times on your skin after that they give a false impression. To get the real Aroma of the fragrance you should spray all the fragrance on the blotters then go away and have a coffee that neutralizes the smell you had before so that you will be able to select the best fragrance for yourself.


For beginners, it is advisable to play with less complicated perfumes as they are easier to blend. For this purpose you should look for some minimalist and subtle fragrance that likely to have only one to two notes in their titles like freesia, rose or vanilla at the blend so easily and give you a nice fragrance after blending.

Play with gender

Fundamentally there is no hard and fast rule that fragrance can be bifurcated on the basis of gender. It is the marketing campaign only that differentiates the fragrance on the basis of various notes into a male or female genre. It will all depend on your preferences and taste that whether you want to carry that particular fragrance or not. If you are someone who loves to do experiments while wearing a fragrance then you can give a try to females perfume also along with the unisex range of fragrance available in Dumont stores.

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