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The Harmony Of Fragrance Notes

There are plenty of similarities between music and fragrance. An order is of no importance until and unless gets connected to a thing which is of importance. Just like a beautiful song which evokes pure emotion to a soul when heard, perfumes are also made with various notes. These two are different art forms, music and perfume shows two different terms to define the composition, accord and notes.


In perfumery, accord signifies two elements which combines to form a unique fragrance. Similarly, notes are blended together to form a signature song. Each aromatic note has a role and a purpose to play in relation to the entire scent experience. If one change the formulation of a particular note, doesn't mix it properly a new substance is formed, a totally new perfume.


The top notes are the lightest and they are called the head notes. One may fall in love with the top notes, and then followed by middle and the lower notes. Top notes are evaporated easily so they are made up with light oils. Middle notes are the backbone of a fragrance. They make 40-80% of the total fragrance. They are made up of strong fragrance. Base notes are last to appear, they appear after the top notes.

Music and perfume are similar in nature not only by the names but because of the feels they give to people. They have an outstanding feature of making ones feel energetic, fresh and calm. They create a beautiful atmosphere in and out of a person. It creates an inspiring atmosphere. It gives beautiful impression to all the senses.


There are various fragrance notes which provides better productivity. There are thousands of appealing fragrances out in the market. People who are not so into perfumes and fragrances and just wanted to smell good go ahead off buying some of them. Some includes: lemon, lavender, citrus, ginger, mint.


Lemon provides energy and anxiety boosting properties. Its aroma improves ones focus, alertness and concentration power. The energy goodness of lemon is in Dolce and Gabbana light blue perfume.



It provides calming property which calms down the mind. One enjoys its goodness while asleep. It improves ones brain function.



It is the best when one feels lethargic. It dredge one out of sleepiness and tiredness. While feeling sluggish one should try Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege Pour Homme as it has aromatic notes, aromatic herbs and floral fragrance.



It provides sharp and aromatic sense. Its medicinal thing has no properties. One should try Lancome Miracle to refresh their mind and soul.



One should try Hugo Boss Energize to perk themselves up. As it provides mental strength, increased alertness and sustained attention.


Fragrance should make one smell good and feel good. Fragrances are created to enhance ones genuine self-expression. It provides peace, calm, clean, classic scents that whisper, but never shout, these are designed to be worn for one own self which is close to one's heart. Fragrances are so inspiring that it can even make the soul sing. It makes one feel energized, happy and warm.