Mistakes that Most of the Women make while Wearing Perfume

Wearing perfume is not a difficult task you just need to spritz it a little bit and you are good to go. But on the other hand, if you want to wear a fragrance well then it requires a little more fineness and skill. Wearing perfume in the right way makes your personality look more mesmerizing and its correct placement adds more charm to it. It seems that everyone knows how to wear perfume correctly. But in reality, most of us don't aware of wearing a perfume correctly to make it last longer and sound best. There are some of the most common mistakes that most women make while wearing their signature perfume and that is why its fragrance doesn't last more. In this article, we are sharing some common mistakes made by women when it comes to wearing and by perfume.

Just spray- Don't rub

One of the most unconscious habits of spraying perfume when is to apply a little bit of sent on your wrist and then press both the rich together and then reach to your neck which is not at all the correct way to apply fragrance. Rubbing the scent on your wrist creates a fiction that heats up the skin and produces natural enzymes which cause changes in the course of the fragrance. Mainly e the middle notes and top notes infected a lot and lost their Aroma. Most of the floral scent by rubbing on the wrist lost all of their fragrance and lost their crispness. To overcome this problem you just need to streets the fragrance on both the wrists very lightly and let the liquid sink in and thereafter you don't need to do anything ok as it lasts for a longer time.

Environment is key

Perfume is like a living organism and it is very sensitive so when it comes to storing a perfume you should be very conscious of such matter. Perfume is not a thing that you can go from hot to cold or cold to hot it should be stored at a balanced temperature so that its fragrance lasts longer and the age of your perfume increases. For an instant, if you leave your citrus scent in a steamy bathroom then it negatively affects its fragrance as it is made up of the materials like patchouli can smell a little off if stored at a steamy place. The best place to store perfume is simply in the box in which it came at a room temperature ranges up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The way you apply it:

It seems that everyone knows how to wear perfume correctly. But in reality, most of us don't aware of wearing a perfume correctly to make it last longer and sound best. Wearing the perfume correctly is an art that not everyone has mastered. Before deciding the number of sprays of fragrance you should apply, it is advisable to check the perfume concentration of your fragrance. If you are applying any intense or heavy perfume then 1to 2 sprays are enough to give the perfect aroma. On the other hand, if you are using any refreshing or light Eau De Toilette or Eau De Cologne, then you can easily go for 3 to 4 sprays without any worries.

When to reapply the fragrance

In the daytime, if you are feeling that your fragrance becomes lighter then you can reapply it 1 to 2 times. But you should be very careful while reapplying it, because it may give the strong smell that people around you may not like so it's better to ask someone if your fragrance does smell loud or not then after you should reapply it.


The last and the most important tip is to apply it with utmost love. For this, you should apply only those fragrance whom you love a lot that ultimately makes you happy every time you wear them.

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