How to Up-cycle your Perfume Bottle

Everyone loves an aesthetically pleasing perfume bottle. But the question arises that what to do with an empty bottle once it has been spread the last of its scent.


We know you are so obsessed with the outer look of Dumont perfume bottles that you don't want to throw it after spraying the last of its scent in a bin hence here we come up with some amazing ideas to upcycle those perfume bottles or even refill them. Giving a new lease of life to your empty perfume bottle is called the art of 'upcycling'. The process of upcycling not only proves beneficial to the environment but also with this process you can hold on to that cute pretty bottle a little while longer.


Today we are going to share some of our favorite eco-friendly ways to transform your pleasant empty perfume bottles into something beautiful you can proudly display at your office or home.

Make a candle holder

If you are a creative DIY lover who loves to create things from the scratch then why don't you use your empty perfume bottle as a candlestick holder as it may create an atmospheric environment at your home?


Create a fascinating candle holder from the empty perfume bottles you just need to carefully pry the cap of the perfume out of its bottle to insert a candle into the opening. To set the candle and prevent it from falling out you need to melt a small part at the bottom of the candle and then insert it into the neck of the bottle.


From the range of our exclusive Dumont perfumes bottle, you will get a particularly spectacular view when the melted wax running down the clear glass of the bottle to give a snug feel to your new home accessory.

Make a floral perfume bottle

Pull up your socks and get ready to stand your guest with your creative and decorative DIY skills. For this purpose, you can use your empty perfume bottles by filling them up with gold flakes and fake flowers to give them a beautiful display. If if you want to do something creative you could replace your Dumont empty perfume bottles with some fake ingredients to give a cosy look to them.

Make a diffuser

If you want to fill your home with a long-lasting aroma then you should thank the classic design of a Dumont perfume bottle which be a great source of DIY diffusers.


To make a creative DIY diffuser, all you need to do is to arrange some of the things including bamboo skewers, a pair of pliers, an empty Dumont perfume bottle, and a lightly scented carrier like some essential oil, almond oil, or baby oil of your choice.


For this purpose firstly you need to soak an empty perfume bottle in warm water to remove all the labels you wish then carefully remove the bottle cap of the perfume. After then simply mix the essential oil with a carrier oil in a 30: 20 ratio and pour it into your empty Dumont perfume bottle. There are no hard and fast rules that you should follow this measurement you can also experiment with it to get your desired aroma. After that, place your bamboo skewers into the oil so that it absorbs a little bit of the oil, and then turn them around. To enjoy the fragrance for a little longer you need to rotate your bamboo skewers once a week.

Make it an accessory

If you create a DIY perfume necklace for yourself then it will be surely remarked on and appreciated by everyone. If you want to be creative and challenge yourselves with your skills then Dumont perfume empty bottle's DIY necklace wearing around your neck will be a perfect choice. You can use a cute little perfume bottle as an accessory by placing it with your DIY necklace to give you a more rich look.

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