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How to take care of your perfume

Are you planning to buy a new bottle of perfume? But don’t want to throw out the old one. To maintain their original fragrance preventive measures should be important to taken. Mortal enemies present in your surrounding like humidity, heat, and light causes adverse effect on oils and alcohols present in perfumes. Improperly storing, after few months give bad smell. There are may conceptions and techniques for caring your fragrance and enlarging their span of life. When you properly take care of your perfume it will be with you for long time and provide great value to your money. There are some common tips and trick by using it, you become able to increase the life span of your perfumes bottle.

A dry location is the best Most of the time we keep perfume bottles in the bathroom shelves for using just after shower though it is a bad idea. The presence of humidity can spoil your perfume bottle. For keeping the perfume in washroom make your cupboard away from the steam.

Keep your perfume away from direct light the perfume bottle is safer when it is placed in a dark place. The finest way to store perfume is in the closet or drawer. Many perfume bottles come in transparent bottle, having more risk of damage. Perfumes in colored bottle keeps the sunrays away form the fragrance hence work as a safe guard for your fragrance.

Use fridge for your perfume fridge provides a stable temperature to the perfume. It keeps perfume away from direct chemical degradation and oxidation as the perfume bottle don’t face direct heat and light. Oil and essences are present in the fragrance start embolism in humid and hot places may damage your perfume.

Keep the bottle closed until it’s first use once the fragrance comes in contact with oxygen, causes fragrance to dilute and oxidized. So, open it when it seems necessary.

Use a closet one of the best places for storing perfume is closet. A closet keeps perfume away from light and has a stable temperature. For storing best perfume make a space in closet. Avoid a bathroom closet and kitchen cabinet and closet near your front door or window for your perfumes because temperature in such places is unstable which might damage your perfume

Store perfume in its original bottle changing the bottle of the perfume from its original bottle is risky because it may come in contact with air as a result, spoil the original scent.

Avoid shaking the bottle at the time of storing the perfume, keep the bottle steady. When you shake your perfume, it adds air to the solution and dilute the scent also avoid shaking before using it.

Choose low-level shelf for your always keep your perfume bottle on the lower shelf, it will reduce the risk of damage to your perfume, when it will spill. Spilling of your perfume water make you sad and can leave your room with strong fragrance which may give you headache.

Use small bottle of perfume when travelling you always want to keep your fragrance fresh same as your face while going on any business trip or wedding. The downfall of your perfume started as soon as you take off the cap of the bottle. It is always advisable to buy travelled-size bottle and keep your bottle away from air explosion.

Always keep cap on the bottle after using perfume keep the cap of the bottle on its place careful. Bottle with cap, in an open bottle the fragrance can come in contact with the air, which can be harmful.