How to store perfume: Ways to help your fragrance last longer

If you want that your signature perfume will last long as much as possible so firstly you need to keep it in dark and dry places. For a brand new bottle of perfume, a dark Fox or the catechin is the ideal place for its storage. But the main question that arises is how will its fragrance last long? Perfumes not only lose their flavor over time but also so if not stored properly it may cause degradation or discoloration of your signature perfume that may also lead to bad smelling of it. In this article, we are going to share a few tips on how to store perfume correctly.

Keep the bottle closed

One thing to be noted down that the perfume will always stay untouched until it's opened. As soon as the fragrance came in contact with the oxygen of the outside world causes dilution of the scent inside it and it may become oxidized. If it came in contact with more amount of oxygen then the scent inside it loses its aroma over time and its fragrance starts to diffuse. So it is very important to consider this fact when you open up your new fragrance.

Try to store your perfume in a dry place

Like any other substance, water can also destroy the fragrance of your perfume. Because of the presence of humidity in wet places, it may affect the fragrance negatively and unwanted chemical reactions may occur. Although it is quite difficult to keep your perfume in a dry place if you belonged to a humid environment so in that case, it is advisable to be extra Cognizant. To overcome this problem you can opt for a room with a dehumidifier because that would be considered the ideal place to store your perfumes.

Don't store your fragrance in the bathroom

One of the most common mistakes made by the perfume owner is that they prefer to store their fragrance bottle in the bathroom. The bathroom is having a more humid climate which may adversely affect the Aroma and may cause a chemical reaction to your perfume so it is advisable to avoid storing your perfume in the bathroom. Instead, you should look for a cupboard for the closet outside of the bathroom for the perfect storage of your signature perfume.

Keep your perfume in the original box

When you are in doubt that where to store your favorite perfume then keep it simple and put your perfume in the original box it came. The life span of a saint will drastically increase if stored within its original box.

Keep the bottle sealed when not in use

One thing to be kept in mind if you want your fragrance to last longer is that oxygen is the worst enemy of a perfume. As soon as the fragrance came in contact with the oxygen of the outside world causes dilution of the scent inside it and it may become oxidized, so don't ever forget to leave the cap open of your perfume bottle because it may come into contact with the outside Oxygen and remove the balanced mixture of the various tone of your fragrance and destroy the real Aroma of your signature perfume.

Avoid excessive shaking of the perfume bottle

One of the myths that everyone follows is that a little shake can help jolt the scent of a perfume but in reality, it does the opposite. Most of the perfume is made up of very delicate chemical bonds easily be broken. If you shake the bottle excessively it may cause a negative chemical reaction and you will lose the real Aroma of your favorite fragrance so try to avoid shaking it before applying.

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