How to spot fake perfume?

If you want to be recognized and treat yourself to a high-quality perfume then it is very important for you to make sure that you are buying the real one and don't be fooled by the fake perfume. Buying a fake perfume not only makes you feel upset or frustrated but also negatively harms your health and proves to be a great loss for your pocket. Most of the fake perfumes use synthetic and harmful chemicals that cause irritation and great damage to your skin. On the other site investing in an authentic perfume is worth every penny as they are capable to provide high longevity and a high-quality perfume experience.


In this article, we are going to share some of the tips to spot fake perfume and check out its authenticity.

Know the seller

One of the best ways to avoid purchasing a fake perfume is to make a purchase from an authentic seller who has a good reputation over the market. Nowadays there are so many trusted places from where you can buy your signature perfume but it is your responsibility to check the places before buying your fragrance. In this consideration, Departmental Store is the perfect place to buy an authentic perfume as you will gain the advantage of examining the packaging in person. On the other hand, if you are purchasing perfume from an online site then you need to check for the product and the seller who is selling that product and also so read their reviews to protect yourself from being fooled.

Check the wrapping

Typically it has been seen that an authentic perfume comes in cellophane wrap. This cellophane wrap is wrapped around the box of the perfume so tightly and flawlessly to protect the perfume from outside damage. On the other hand, if you notice that Cellophane is poorly or loosely wrapped around the bottle then this could be and Decatur of a fake perfume so don't purchase it.

Read the box thoroughly to spot errors

If You have noticed then found that the real packaging is made from high-quality packing material to protect the fragrance from any outside damage. On the other hand, if the box is not properly best and cheap material has been used for its packaging then this could be an indicator of a fake perfume. Also if you check for only you will find that real perfume packaging is having a barcode and the fake one does not contain it so if you found that there is no barcode in the bottle of the perfume then the perfume is a fake one.

Notice longevity

It is a fact that it is very difficult to spot fake perfume because the fragrance of the fake one is quite similar to the real perfume. But one thing differentiates the fake perfume to the real one is their longevity. Longevity simply means how long does the fragrance of the perfume last in the skin as well as in the bottle of the perfume. A fake perfume is not been able to last up to a couple of months once its bottle has been opened on the other hand the real perfume will last longer on the skin and also have a shelf life of up to 18 months.

Know the scent notes

One of the greatest ways to spot a fake perfume is through the scent notes because it is very difficult to imitate. A high-end perfume is made up of top note, middle note, and base note to give its fragrance a mesmerizing Aroma. On the other hand in a fake perfume, the only top note has been present which is not long-lasting. So it is advisable to do proper research before buying perfume and should be aware of scent notes as it helps you to figure out the fake one.

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