How to Select the Right Perfume for Winters

Fragrances are one of the most important elements to complement the dressing sense of a woman. Changing Seasons gives you a hint to change your perfumes and come up with new fragrances. Different Seasons require different fragrances. When we talk about Spring and summer season then they demand some light and floral fragrances. You wish to wear fragrances during the winter season then it should be like a Woody, musky and Oriental tone. Women's summer fragrances are made to feel cool and calm but winters are all about to feel sexy.


Various researchers are of the view that during winter seasons fall in the temperature makes the fragrances emanate easily as compared to the summer or spring season. Your body chemistry e impacts a lot on winter perfume. If you are having dehydrated or dry skin then your body requires a fragrance having an essence of intensity and warmth. Such fragrances are capable to linger well on the skin and enhance the staying power of the perfume.


In this article, we are going to share some of the tips that help you to select the right perfume for the winter season

Know your scent

In order to get an idea about your perfume, you need to give yourself some time between smelling different perfumes to give them a chance to settle down properly. Also, avoid spritzing the perfume on your wrist as rubbing the Perfume with both the wrist will destroy the top notes of the perfume. It is also one of the facts that different fragrances smell differently on a different person because of their body types, chemistry, and odor.

Choosing winter perfumes

Mostly fragrances Evoque seasonal modes and most of the researchers are of the view that winter perfumes should and rich with some sweet notes like cinnamon, Vanilla, and Amber to give a more soothing experience. There are various winter perfumes available that combine sweet fragrances of lemon, oranges, caramel, honey, and fruits.

What's about your fragrance?

Woody scents

Woody scent is one of the most nostalgic and emotive as it is capable to bring back the memories of old books, campfires, pencil shavings, and many more. This category of fragrance reminds of warm, dry, and Richwoods like cedarwood, sandalwood, Oak, patchouli that makes this group of fragrance towards the macho side of things due to which it becomes one of the most massive fragrance categories to be wearable by most of the men out there. This type of scents is believed to be worn by outspoken, extroverts and born leaders who became role models and try to set trends instead of following them. After wearing woody scents you are known for being cool and having the most inspiring social media feeds.

Fruity scents

You know if you are a fan of fruity scents then there is a great chance that you are as sweet as the smells such scents are sporting. Mostly the fun-loving people who love to play with the fragrance opt for this kind of fragrance as you always want to be surrounded by the people and to be noticed by every girl or boy out there.

Floral scents

If you are one who loves old school classics and a romantic kind of person then floral scents would be the perfect choice for you. It has been found that most sensitive people wore this kind of Aroma. Those people who are said to be so emotional and always considerate value for their friendship and loved ones will carry floral scents. As with this scent, you will never go out of style.

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