How to Layer Perfume you Already Own

A good scent is capable to feature a final touch to your daily routine. However, there are various reasons why people wear perfume. Some people like to wear perfume because it boosts their self-esteem once they meet their loved ones and develop a way of interest through the pleasant aroma. While others like to carry a perfume because it promotes their individuality and sets them aside from the people around them. Dumont perfumes come up with a wide range of scents that provide you a selected reason why you wear the actual fragrance.


Wearing the same perfume seems quite boring. That is why in-season buying a new cent can feel more fun. But without spending much on a new perfume here we have come up with an easy solution to layer the perfume you already own and save your time, energy, and money. Layering perfume is quite an intimidating task as it requires mind-boggling and combinations of various fragrances. In this article please share a few tips to share your perfume correctly that suits your mood and personality.

Focus on simple scents

For beginners, it is advisable to play with less complicated perfumes as they are easier to blend. For this purpose you should look for some minimalist and subtle fragrance that likely to have only one to two notes in their titles like freesia, rose or vanilla at the blend so easily and give you a nice fragrance after blending.

Keep it in the same family

If it Chaka wardrobe we found that we are having different versions of the same thing like four pink jackets, 8 pair of Black jeans, 13 striped T-shirts and the number is going on. The same thing can be applied to perfume as well. Don't go on a guilt trip if you are having different versions of the same perfume rather go try to blend them and give a new Aroma to your preference. For example, if you want to carry a single ingredient, let us say Jasmine then try to combine multiple scents that feature Jasmine as the main note.

Pick teams

Firstly you need to bifurcate the perfumes according to their thickness and fragrance concentration. For this purpose, you need to categorize your scents into two groups. Those fragrances which are having citrus notes and rich in floral should be categorized in group A while those fragrances having powdery notes should be kept in group B. Now mix one scent from group A to another scent from group B to give a unique aroma and you can also layer more than and two of them and can be considered as a good starting point.


The layering of perfume doesn't means you directly layer two or more perfumes on top of each other. You can customize your blending by applying a scented lotion or you can spray one scent on your wrist and another on your neck. For getting perfect blending experience don't hesitate to play around with various notes and experiment with the combinations. According to a rule of thumb, you should spray heavier scents first so that they don't overpower the lighter ones.


The experts of Dumont say that fragrance layering is a very open-minded task and an individual can apply as many layers as he or she wants to exactly express his or her vision to reflect his or her personality through the aroma of fragrance carrying.

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