How to Get the Most out of Your Perfume?

After buying various luxurious perfumes we all wish to enjoy its fragrance as much as we can. However, a fragrance lover will end up having too many perfumes as they are habitual of buying perfumes simultaneously moving from one season to another. Also, it is quite good to keep changing your perfumes with the movements season and mood for keeping your self refreshing and attractive.


So if you are someone who is having various variants of Dumont perfumes with various other international fragrances brands then it is time to utilize them as much as you can with these phenomenal tips-

Spray on your bed mattress and pillow

If you want to have a soothing sleeping experience because you found it a bit difficult while sleeping then your long-forgotten Dumont perfume can help you to suit this purpose. Just pick out that fragrance that enhances your mood to give you a soothing experience and sprays it all on your mattress. Complement it with some comfortable pillow covers and clean bedsheets that help you largely to have a good sleep throughout the night.

Add a few drops in bathwater

This is one of the best ways to get most from your favorite fragrance and smell amazing throughout the day. For this purpose just pick up the desired fragrance which is gentle in notes and add a few drops of it in your bathing water. After taking a bath with this water you will smell amazingly beautiful. And if you have a bathtub then just create a foamy bath and add these few drops of your favorite fragrance in that water with some candles, essential oils, and bath salts to have a fascinating Spa experience that relaxes all your senses and make you feel more refreshed and relaxed.

Make your wardrobe smell nice

With the presence of humidity, most of the time during the season of winter and monsoon your wardrobes can develop a weird stale smell. Instead of doing the hard work of washing all of your clothes again and again simply use your favorite fragrance and put cotton balls soaked perfume in the wardrobe. The Perfume present in these cotton balls can retain for a long time and also be able to transfer the Aroma to all the clothes and make them smell good. Our team of expert advice to do so and you will get amazed by the results.

Layer to create a new scent

Firstly you need to bifurcate the perfumes according to their thickness and fragrance concentration. For this purpose, you need to categorize your scents into two groups. Those fragrances which are having citrus notes and rich in floral should be categorized in group A while those fragrances having powdery notes should be kept in group B. Now mix one scent from group A to another scent from group B to give a unique aroma and you can also layer more than and two of them and can be considered as a good starting point.


The layering of perfume doesn't means you directly layer two or more perfumes on top of each other. You can customize your blending by applying a scented lotion or you can spray one scent on your wrist and another on your neck. For getting perfect blending experience don't hesitate to play around with various notes and experiment with the combinations. According to a rule of thumb, you should spray heavier scents first so that they don't overpower the lighter ones.

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