How to Get a Long-Lasting Fragrance?

Every perfume lover wants their perfume to last a little longer on them. That is why most of first become ready to spend more on buying them. However, it may also find that most of the brands promise to deliver long-lasting fragrance but fail to do so. Here I want to bring your notice that Dumont perfumes work for customer satisfaction and keep their promise and they give a surety that Dumont perfumes will surely last longer.


There are various reasons due to which most of us are unable to smell the way we wish to so fastly it is very important to find out the reason behind that. In this article, we are going to discuss some of those reasons:-

Quality of the perfume:

The staying power of perfume largely depends upon its quality. Though most of the brands promise that their perfume will last long but in reality, they are having a lasting effect of only 2 to 3 hours and then drying out with a faint scent. The main reason behind the low lasting power of the perfume is the low fragrance concentration and the oils in the base.


Sometimes not so popular brand copy the outer package of a well-known brand which creates confusion in the buyer's mind. So it is advisable before purchasing any perfume you should thoroughly go through the details that are written on the perfume bottle to know about exactly what you are purchasing.

The way you apply it:

It seems that everyone knows how to wear perfume correctly. But in reality, most of us don't aware of wearing a perfume correctly to make it last longer and sound best. Wearing the perfume correctly is an art that not everyone has mastered. Before deciding the number of sprays of fragrance you should apply, it is advisable to check the perfume concentration of your fragrance. If you are applying any intense or heavy perfume then 1to 2 sprays are enough to give the perfect aroma. On the other hand, if you are using any refreshing or light Eau De Toilette or Eau De Cologne, then you can easily go for 3 to 4 sprays without any worries.

Kind of perfume you are using:

The way you smell largely depends upon the kind of perfume you are using. When it comes to fragrance then every occasion and every season required a unique aroma to suits the purpose. During the summer season, you should use light and fresher notes with some floral smell to make you feel refreshing. In the winter season, woody with some strong warm notes is desired to be used. For an autumn season, it is advisable to use perfumes that are having some spicy and warm aromatic notes and for monsoon, you can use perfumes with some fresh citrus notes.

The ambiance around you:

The Ambience around you has a great impact on the lasting power of a perfume. If you are wearing perfume in a very airy atmosphere then the Aroma of perfume will evaporate at a faster pace. Similarly, if you are a sweaty person who produces a lot of sweat then again perfume will evaporate much faster. So, in that cases, you should use perfume with high fragrance concentration as they are capable to last more than 12 hours to keep you refreshed throughout the day.

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