How to Buy Fragrance Online Without Smelling It?

Nowadays everything is becoming online and that is why now we are big fans of online shopping. With the advent of online shopping, we are not only able to order a brand new shopping purse but also it allows us to avoid the crowd and browse about the desired product as long as we want.


The only downside of doing online shopping is sometimes we will not receive the product as we are expecting and it may prove to be true while shopping fragrances online. It is quite hard to choose the perfect fragrance without smelling it. To help you to choose the right fragrances online without smelling them here we come up with a few tips.

Do your research

Beware of the discounted fragrance that offers huge discounts like 80% to 90% off on high-end brands. If you did not research properly you can end up with early bad perfume. Before choosing any particular brand from an online store it is advisable to go through various customer reviews that may help you to make your choice legitimate. To get a better idea about a particular brand it is advisable to see whether it has been covered by reputed bloggers or news outlets and make your decision smartly to choose the one. Also, take note of the return policies so that you will be able to return them if they don't come as expected.

Pay attention to the description

Most of the fragrances described with the feelings that he walks various kinds of emotions that you will attach to. So if you are planning to buy perfume online this is the most important tip to be adopted where you have to go through the description of the perfume thoroughly so that you will get an idea that whether the particular type of sent matches your lifestyle and personality or not.

Know your notes

Have you ever gone through the description of any perfume I am sure that you have heard the term "notes" various times in the online description of any perfume? Broadly the different notes are categorized into the following families or themes including woody, floral, fresh and Oriental. These notes might help you to choose the right perfume that suits your personality.


In this family, elegant, simple, and clean notes find their place which means anything green, citrus and organic come under this category. If you are a fun-loving person who looks for something youthful and outdoor So it is advisable to go with the perfume that is having some fresh notes.


This family consists of notes from Jasmine, lilies, and various roses. The Perfume has a perfect blend of fruity & floral notes having a hint of pomegranate, strawberries, or guava with some floral Oriental notes like nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon gives it a floral essence that makes you feel refreshing. Under this category of notes, you will be able to find some soft as well as exotic, and bold perfumes and provides various options to choose from and will suit best to your personality. Mostly this family of fragrances is loved by an ultra-feminine girl.


This family of notes is not meant for a soft and cozy feeling. They are perfect for the people who are having a big and bold personality that provides sensual and exciting feelings to enhance their attitude. Under it, you will find notes of nutmeg, coriander, vanilla, musk, and many more.


This category of note will be a perfect fit for those who like both sophisticated and outdoorsy personality. In this family of notes, you will find various hints of birchwood, Sandalwood, and cedar, and mostly this type of note was found in Dumont's men's perfume to enhance their manly personality.

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