How Skin Type can Change the Way a Perfume Smells?

The fragrance of perfume appears differently on blotters in the department store or on your skin. That's why it is always advisable to try the particular fragrance before buying it. I am sure you have always noticed that some fragrances appear so wonderful and smell mesmerizing on your colleague or friend but when you apply it, its fragrance turns out to be so weird. Instead of complaining about this and fair condition have you ever wondered why a certain perfume appears differently on different people?


To find the answer to this particular question we have come up with some concepts that you should be aware of. Our team of experts with their experience of over 20 years says that they noted that certain skin types having certain properties related to fragrances which is why they smell differently even after applying the same fragrance. Our team of experts also are of the view that there is no scientific proof regarding the smell of particular fragrances having different aromas based on the skin types. All the various research have been carried on to investigate this matter.


One of the most important things to be considered while choosing a new fragrance for your skin that it must love you back. Nothing could be worse than finding out that you noted and fall for the fragrance of the perfume that your friend or a stranger in the street had but it doesn't suit your skin. So it is very important to check the effect of a fragrance on your skin before buying it.


So yes the question that why does scent smell differently on everyone? The answer is that the pH balance of skin defers slide that causes changes in the way a saint smells. Besides the pH balance of your body, the food you eat for your diet schedule also affects the scent you wear in your skin. Besides these two factors, your hormones are also responsible to alter your perfume's characteristics.

Normal skin

If you or someone belongs to a normal skin type then there is a possibility that your skin reflects the true progress of the perfume. What your hormones, pH balance and diet could still the factors to be affected the Aroma of your perfume.

Oily skin

Various perfume experts are of the view that most of the ingredients used for making the perfume are attracted to oil. So if you belong to the oily skin family then the possibility that you hold top not for longer but there is a scope of exaggerating certain elements in the perfume. Our experts are of the view that perfume having Suite notes can be found overwhelming in oily skin especially the citrus fruit. The general rule for having oily skin is that oily skin makes fragrances pop. It is essential to be careful as certain elements can become too much disturbing and can affect the balance of the fragrance of a perfume.

Dry skin

The people who belong to dry skin needed a strong fragrance with a solid base for holding the fragrance a little longer. In such skin types, Cypresses and Orientals work very well, and also spices like tuberose also turn out to perform very well. The lighter or the delicate scents will disappear fast so if you want your perfume to last longer then you must need something with a very strong note. Also, it is very important to moisturize your skin with scent-free lotion or oil before spritzing your perfume in dry skin for having a long-lasting experience.

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