How Perfume is Made? Knowledge Base

A good scent is capable to add a finishing touch to your daily routine. However, there are various reasons why people wear perfume. Some people love to wear perfume because it boosts their self-esteem when they meet their loved ones and develop a sense of interest through the pleasant aroma. While other love to carry a good perfume because it promotes their individuality and sets them apart from the people around them. Dumont perfumes come up with a variety of scents that provide you a specific reason why you wear the particular fragrance. Despite knowing the specific reason to wear a particular Aroma understanding how perfume is made may help you to have an understanding and you will appreciate that pretty cute little bottle and its satisfying pregnancy a little more.

The ingredients

Despite using only flowers Dumont perfumes use various resins, gums, fruits, spices, and grasses to provide satisfying essences to its customer. Various high and well-known brands own their flower fields to make sure that they have qualitative material to make their perfume. Sometimes to provide a luxurious feel and seductive Aroma various animal products like ambergris from sperm whales and musk from male deer can be used as an ingredient for making perfume. In addition to it, some synthetic Chemicals might be used to mimic the natural ingredients with the motive to save the lives of animals who are killed for their oil for making the perfume.

Extraction methods

It's the extraction only through which the essence of plants and flowers are used to make perfume. In the process of extraction, the oil is separated from the plant parts in various ways. The easiest way of doing this is the method of expression where plants are equipped until their oil starts releasing. The other ways to extract plant oils are maceration and enfleurage where warmed fats or grease can be used to extract the plant oil. For extracting oil you can also perform the process of distillation where you theme the plants or boil their parts. If you ever wonder that why the perfumes are so expensive then always remember that a 15 ml bottle of French perfume required about six to seven hundred roses oils extraction to make them.

Blending the oils

To create a perfect Aroma of your perfume experts need to do extensive research mixing and testing with the ingredients. To get the desired formula it may take efforts of hundreds of ingredients and several years. After that, this formula is used to blend the extracted oils forgetting the desired send. Alcohol is there mixed into the solution for diluting the ingredients. Depending upon the type of scent, whether it is eau de toilette perfume or cologne the amount of alcohol is added to the freshly extracted oils. Among these three cologne is the least potent one. Depending upon the amount of alcohol the scent or the aroma of the perfume is determined. The perfume which contains the least amount of alcohol has the strongest scent with up to 40% of essential oils. Dumont perfume mostly used essential oils as a part of its ingredients to serve strong and soothing sent to their clients.

The Aging Process

After the oil is freshly extracted, blended, and mixed with alcohol, finally the concoction is ready for the aging process. During the aging process, the perfume is set aside in a cool dark area from several months to a year without being disturbed. The aging process is very essential as it helps bind the alcohol with oil to give good fragrances to the perfume. After the completion of the aging process, an expert finally tests the scent to assure that it's properly blended and able to give the desired result. After the aging process, the fragrance of the perfume becomes stronger and at this point, the desired adjustment can be made. The Dumont perfumes end up in department stores only after it's been thoroughly tested after the completion of its making process to ensure that its scent is what it should be.

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