How much Cologne should you use?

Everyone has different personality traits that make them who they are. A fragrance can be chosen based on criteria of season, age, or style but the best is to choose on your personality. Everyone wants to create a good first impression. The way you carry yourself by dressing properly and effectively present your personality will surely affect how you are going to be remembered by the people you are meeting. First thing first, when you meet someone the first thing they notice about you, is your fragrance. In this way, the perfume which you are going to choose for yourself reflects your personality in a great manner.


Applying a cologne is an art if you are unaware of the correct application of the cologne then even the most luxurious cologne remain unattractive and can not make a difference. You have been Shirley in situations where someone's fragrance was so unpleasant because it was too strong that creates an unpleasant sensation to you and the other people around. While applying Cologne it is very important to consider that there should be a perfect balance of sprays so that it should not be appealing too loud or too low.


There is a fine line between spritzing and spritzing enough fragrance on your skin to be noticed. Spraying the right amount of fragrance is also one of the most important etiquettes to be followed while applying perfume as it is a scientific fact that in order to be noticed by everyone we become desensitized to smell and end up spraying more than the necessary amount.


Under perfume etiquettes, it has been said that only the person who stands arm's length from you can smell the fragrance of your perfume. For this purpose, it is very important that you should keep in mind that two decent sprays are more than enough to get most of it.


In order to ensure not too overwhelmed by others with your fragrance, it is very important to spray the perfume on different plus points around your body. For instance, it is said that three sprays of cologne are enough on your wrist if you are going to shake hand with someone and three sprays of cologne on the neck is enough when you are going to hug someone as it provides a subtle scent and able to create a positive bond with the other.

Where to spray cologne

To get the most from your Colone it is very important to know where to spray it on your skin so that you will be able to get the long-lasting effect. Some of the mates prevent which says that spring is in the air and walking through it will evenly distribute the fragrance evenly all over your body but in reality, it fades away quickly and lasts to the air. So to get the most out of it you should target the plus points like your inner elbows, wrists, chest, and neck. Since these sports are warmer so they are able to hold the clock for or longer period of time and better project the fragrance. Be sure not to rub your scent on your wrist because it creates a fiction that heats up the skin and produces natural enzymes which cause changes in the course of the fragrance. Mainly the middle notes and top notes infected a lot and lost their Aroma. To overcome this problem you just need to spritz the fragrance on both the wrists very lightly and let the liquid sink in and thereafter you don't need to do anything as it lasts for a longer time.

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