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You will find so many articles and guide related to fashion and style but when you try to find out a guide related to carrying any accessory including fragrances, it becomes quite difficult to get. If you are a fragrance lover and want to ensure yourself to follow the desired etiquettes when it comes to spritzing then you should be aware of some of the most common rules to consider. Perfume is having the capacity to make your personality attractive but at the same time if you do not wear it properly it might create a bad impression of your personality because nothing can be more worse than applied the wrong perfume for the occasion. Also, you should be aware of what amount of perfume you should apply as over doing it may cause a risk of suffocation to the people who are around you!


Well don't panic, smelling good is not as complicated as you imagine. However, it becomes quite essential that it you're worth pain some attention towards the etiquettes to be followed while wearing your signature perfume. Here we come up with some of the tips or you can say the most common rule to be followed while wearing a fragrance.

Spray for the occasion

One of the important etiquettes while applying perfume is to know about the fragrance concentration to be wear for different occasions. You should know about keeping your fragrances very light for work. If you go for a date night you can opt for some bold fragrances and lighter or fresher fragrances can be used for all-day-wear.


It is also important that you might consider avoiding strong perfume in various public places such as at the Airport or at the cinema as it could create a sense of suffocation among the people around you.

Apply it correctly

If you want to experience the real Aroma of your fragrance it is very important that you should apply it correctly with the proper amount and fragrance concentration. Many of the people who made a mistake to spray their fragrances too Close to their skin may result in a small concentrated area. If you want to experience the richness of fragrance try to spray from about 6 inches away from your skin so that you will be able to cover a slightly vast area with the same amount of perfume.


One more important thing to be kept in mind that fragrances can last longer on hydrated skin so before applying any perfume make sure that your skin is properly motorized.

Know your limit

There is a fine line between spring and spring enough fragrance on your skin to be noticed. Spraying the right amount of fragrance is also one of the most important etiquette to be followed while applying perfume as it is a scientific fact that in order to be noticed by everyone we become desensitized to smell and end up spraying more than the necessary amount.


Under perfume etiquettes, it has been said that only the person who stands arm's length from you can smell the fragrance of your perfume. For this purpose, it is very important that you should keep in mind that two decent sprays are more than enough to get most of it.

Avoid spritzing your clothes

Applying or spraying perfume directly to your clothes can damage them completely. Some scents having a different chemical concentration that leave marks permanently on the clothes especially on lighter clothes that may also damage the fibers of the material. It has been also found out that fragrances do not last for longer on clothes as they would on your skin s, to get the best outcome it is advisable to stick to spritzing fragrance directly on your bare skin.

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