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Fragrance buying guide for beginners - Knowledge Base

With widely available options in the market, it becomes quite confusing and requires extra effort to find the right fragrance for oneself. Do you can search for various recommendations and read reviews but still it's quite next to impossible to know for sure whether you will like the aroma without smelling it first. In this article, I have laid down a pregnancy guide for beginners that help them to choose the perfect scent for them.

How to find the right fragrances?

To find the right fragrance, firstly you need to analyze the kind of scents you love the most. It may seem quite obvious but it is very important to choose the fragrances according to your taste and preferences. You may say that it is the obvious thing to do but various beginners buy perfumes based on other people's taste because they are unaware of the prevailing and trusted brands and not sure about their taste of scents and after some time, they stop using it because they don't like their Aroma and end up disliking it.


Although there are thousands of appealing fragrances out in the market. People who are not so into perfumes and fragrances and just wanted to smell good go off buying some of them. But if you want to smell unique and have a signature fragrance you have to be more precise. And for this purpose, it is recommended to smell the fragrance first before making an actual purchase. You can make a note after trying various fragrances from the Dumont store and then choose the particular one that complements your personality and your choice of scent.

How to own fragrances on a budget?

As we all know that owning a good perfume is quite expensive and collecting them can be a pretty costly addiction. So the main question that arises is how you own a good fragrance without spending thousands and hundreds of dollars?


If you are the one who is concerned about the money and want to own a pocket-friendly fragrance then I recommend that Dumont perfumes will be the best choice to experience budget-friendly fragrances. It's cost-effective and you can also order as less than 5 ml and up to 30 ml of dumonts according to your preference.

Where to test fragrances for free?

If you belong from a big city then testing a fragrance can be a pretty simple task for you. Simply you can visit your local Dumont Store and find your perfect perfume concerning the budget and your needs.


But if you live in a locality where you don't have access to the perfume stores then finding scents of your choice can be a challenging task. But you don't have to worry about it though you will not test the fragrances for free I'll recommend a solution which will cost you very little for testing the perfect fragrance for you. There are various options you can choose whichever you feel comfortable with. One of them is to join a social media group or you can also look for Dumont perfume's websites which offer samples to test.


Pro tip: If you are planning to travel abroad, it is advisable to check out the fragrance section in the duty-free area you will find a good collection of perfumes out there and you will be able to try them for free.

Where you should buy perfumes from?

So you find a sample of fragrance and tried it and started loving it. Now the next step is you want to buy a full bottle of the particular perfume. Now the main question that arises is which route should you follow?


For some reason, it is a better option to pay the full retail price because various dupes of your favorite perfumes available in the market provide you huge discount but there is a chance of that being a fake one. Dumont perfumes come in a very affordable range that you can also consider for paying the full retail price for it. Also various offers available from time to time in their online or offline store where you will get the original fragrance at a very affordable price.