Flowers Used in the Perfume Industry

Flowers are the beautiful creation of nature that fascinate the attention of people because of their elegant beauty and fragrance. Many of the times we lost ourselves in the charm of the scent of a flower that we wish to capture that aroma forever. Because of their charm, it has been used exceptionally by most of the perfume industry around the globe to create a refreshing scent. The perfumes which are made of these flowers help you in making your personality more attractive and positively affect your mind that ultimately created much-needed confidence to present yourself to the world while interacting with them.


In this article, we have shared a few flowers that are mostly used in the perfume industry for preparing an exotic fragrance for you.


Rose which is often said to be the queen of flowers is used why most floral perfumes. Because roses carry a strong fragrance before sunrise that is why they are harvested at night. The two most common species of roses for making perfumes are Rosa damascene, found in the Arab countries, and Rosa centifolia, found in the south of France. By using roses as the base note of the fragrance, provide mesmerizing aroma to the perfume so that the people are lost in the scent.


As the name suggests Jasmine is the prettiest flower from around the world that provides a pleasant fragrance. Before Dawn time it is harvested because at that time their fragrance is at its peak and then immediately process for manufacturing process for perfume before their fragrance fades away. Yellow and white are two colors of Jasmine available from around the world. These beautiful flowers are found in tropical regions around the world. Because of its exotic fragrance, Jasmine has been used widely for making perfumes and various cosmetics industries. Its flower has also been used in aromatherapy.


Like Jasmine and Rose, violets are also quite famous in the perfume industry because of their refined fragrance. These flowers are one of the most ancient ones that sound back in 500 BC in ancient Greece. This aromatic flower founds mainly in the Northern hemisphere and also found in Australasia, Hawaii, and the Andes in South America. For making perfumes Perma violet and Victoria violet are the two main kinds of this flower that commonly used. The fragrance of violet is so mesmerizing that is why it has been used by the various famous perfume industry as a base note for making floral scents.


Lavender is so soothing and most sweet-smelling and beautiful flowers that are used for various purposes right from using in the perfume industry to medicinal uses. These flowers are mainly found in South Europe, Canary Island, north and East Africa, India and Arabia, Mediterranean. Lavender has mainly be used as a top or middle note for making perfumes that provide exotic fragrance to the wearer. The perfumes made from lavender is generally used in summer season and because of their light fragrance it can be wearable throughout the day.

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