Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Perfume

When you wear perfume, it gives pleasures to your life, the person who wear enjoy it and also enjoyed by your inner circle. The kind of perfume we use affect your personality. The scent may make you crowd-pleasure or it send the people away from you. Sometime you entered within the group of people and take a step back because of a strong fragrance which instantly make you feel headache. You wouldn’t want that your close one get away from you because of the fragrance you wear. Hence perfume play a vital role in our life. The scent you wear not only affect you but also the people who are closed to you. Hence it is important to find the fragrance that help you to get complements.

Dos’ of wearing perfume

  • If it’s cold outside wear extra perfume, as cold weather reduces the scents, in the same way apply more perfume when your skin is dry, due to lack of oil the capacity of scent weakens opposite of that oily skin types of people need to wear less perfume.

  • Everyone’s skin is different from person to person results different reaction of scent on one’s skin. When you are planning to buy new perfume take decision of buying it by apply it on your own skin.

  • The right time of wearing perfume is just after bath or shower at that time your pores are open resulting your skin will absorb all the fragrance you spray. When bathing tries to apply non-deodorized soap where you want to apply perfume because the mixture of deodorants and perfume provide unpleasant smell.

  • The perfume you spray on your, the fragrance disappeared as soon as we set foot on any event or place. So, apply it on such places where it will stay warm it keeps the scent alive. Impose it on the neck, inside the elbow, on the stomach, and back of the knees.

  • Sometime due to limited space on an airplanes, car or bus, using over perfume gives you headaches or people around you may throw you away in such situation dab perfume on your scarf and smell it whenever you want to feel your favorite perfume.

Don’ts of wearing perfume

  • Don’t buy a full-sized bottle with testing it. Purchasing a branded perfume means spending your big saving. So before investing money on branded perfume try to take a tester home, after apply a day or two you get your answer of whether it is establishing chemistry with your skin or not, the. Take a decision of buying it.

  • Apart from positive sides perfume of perfume, there are some things to avoid it. One of them is combination of perfume and jewelry. Costume and pearl types of jewelry losses it’s color when interact with perfume alcohols. When you wear these types of jewelry try to apply perfume away from the jewelry.

  • Don’t stick on only one perfume whole year. Change your perfumes according to season and notice that which perfumes work best according to hot and cool temperature. Change is important hence use light and strong fragrance according to season.

  • Don’t wear perfume directly onto light-colored dress it can change fabric color into yellow. Apply scents on dark color fabric may leave light colored stain.

  • In the case of perfume don’t take risk to buy online before testing at the local store. Don’t order it just by its outer cover or because of discounts.

  • Don’t put the perfume to the place where it comes directly contact with heat, light, or freezing temperature. Put your perfume in the fridge if you feel that temperature is high. High temperature has tendency to oxidize scents, that changes the original color and the smell of the perfume.

  • At the same time don’t wear different fragrances it is suggested to you not use a deodorants or lotions having fragrance. The mixture of fragrances might be smelled unpleasant.

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