Best Dumont Unisex Perfumes for 2021

Over the past few years, the thin line that distinguished men's woody colognes from women's floral fragrances have been blurred with the advent of delicious plants to suit every gender has emerged.


It will be great fun to shop for fragrance with a freeing experience and fewer restrictions and the best Unisex perfumes will cater to all types of needs and tastes with its varying aromas that blurred the gender boundary lines. In this article, we have come up with the best Dumont Unisex perfumes that will be perfect for or any fresh crisp and contemporary look and the range also comes up with some sensual rich and intense test which makes them perfect for wearing in different occasions.

BOROUJ Gravity Unisex Eau de Perfume, 85 ml

Aesthetic sent from Dumont range is perfectly crafted with the essence of traditional fragrance that compiled with a contemporary hint to make it ideal for carrying in winter evenings. It is capable of giving that magical vibe due to its having fragrance to draw the attention of everyone around.


This scent comes up with the fusion of contemporary essence with some western Arabic fragrance that makes it convenient to wear for both men and women. Being a Unisex perfume, this Borouj range from Dumont have an aromatic effect of distinct notes that provides an everlasting effect.

Borouj Lamasat OUD 2.8 EDP SP. Unisex

This oud is one of a kind that provides an intriguing scent that lightens up the mood of any one right there. The mesmerizing fragrance of plasmid put is capable to arouse the intense feeling with its refreshing aroma. The best part of this oud which makes it more aesthetic is it is meant for both men and women.


This little joy of 85 ml packaging comes off with a perfect blend of different notes which makes it more exclusive. The Dumont Perfume range presents you with this exclusive Dumont Borouj Lamasat made in the United Arab Emirates to give you the vibe of the richness of the tradition of Arab.


The top note of this perfume begins with Agarwood that poses the main component to create an amazing first impression with its fragrance with rare and lasting Aroma. The middle note is the heart of perfume which integrates the soothing fragrance of guaiac wood that provides a heart-winning Aroma that provides a distinctive feel to the wearer. If we talk about the base note of these perfume that makes it animalistic with musk that combined with top note and base note to provide even more lasting fragrance to provide a luxurious feeling to the holder.


If you want to experience the feeling of flowery, spicy, and sweet sensation of a luxury scent hen Dumonts Dumax urban Unisex perfume is the perfect choice to suit your needs. You will surely be pleased with its intriguing Aroma containing rose, patchouli, and rose in its top, middle and base notes to blend and give a luxurious feeling to the wearer.


This perfume is adorably given heavenly feeling to the wearer and comes up in a budget-friendly packaging yet intriguing lavish Aroma. The highlight of this perfume is it can be carried by both women and men.


After trying this range of demand perfume I'll assure you that you will dive into its refreshing aroma that provides a cool vibe with its Oriental perfume. Don't miss this range of du Monde perfume which provides a fascinating feeling with its ultimate Aroma on different occasions in almost every season. The Classic mix of its different notes of Arabia creates an aura of bliss.

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