Apply perfume on these spots and smell fresh all-day

A good scent is capable to feature a final touch to your daily routine. However, there are various reasons why people wear perfume. Some people like to wear perfume because it boosts their self-esteem once they meet their loved ones and develop a way of interest through the pleasant aroma. While others like to carry a perfume because it promotes their individuality and sets them aside from the people around them. Dumont perfumes come up with a wide range of scents that provide you a selected reason why you wear the actual fragrance. But it may be possible that we are not wearing the perfumes the right way. So in this article, we are sharing some of the right spots where to apply perfume to get a long-lasting effect.


Your hair is made up of fiber and perfume generally tends to less on fiber. But one thing to be kept in mind that avoid spraying your perfume directly on your hair because it contains alcohol that may cause dryness on your head. Instead to get a perfect Aroma you need to spread it on the comb and brush your hair to get the perfect fragrance on your hair.

Behind the top of your ears:

Most people thought that applying perfume behind the lobes gives a more lasting effect but you should try to spray your mist behind the top of your ears because this part is earlier than logs and because it tends to hold perfume for longer and also helps in diffusing it for a longer period of time. Psychologically also spraying perfume behind your ears creates a great effect as whenever you hug someone the person instantly feels the Aroma with the breath of your scent and instantly creates a bond with you.

Inside the elbow:

Spraying perfume inside of the elbow is better than applying it on the wrist because it is having a pulse point so it is tucked away in the bends of your arms and creates a diffusion of the spirit and also gives it a subtle and Misty effect. One of the great perfumer Rashi Bhide said that a woman should apply perfume on the spots where she wants to get kissed. Pulse points act as a guideline for applying perfume as these are the points where blood vessels are closest to the skin which Amarnath heat it and helps the fragrance to last longer and gives a subtle effect.

Pro tips

  • Do not rub just spray the perfume. Rubbing the scent on your wrist creates a fiction that heats up the skin and produces natural enzymes which cause changes in the course of the fragrance. To overcome this problem you just need to spritz the fragrance on both the wrists very lightly and let the liquid sink in and thereafter you don't need to do anything ok as it lasts for a longer time.

  • When you are in doubt that where to store your favorite perfume then keep it simple and put your perfume in the original box it came. The life span of a scent will drastically increase if stored within its original box.

  • If you want to have a soothing sleeping experience because you found it a bit difficult while sleeping then your long-forgotten Dumont perfume can help you to suit this purpose. Just pick out that fragrance that enhances your mood to give you a soothing experience and sprays it all on your mattress. Complement it with some comfortable pillow covers and clean bedsheets that help you largely to have a good sleep throughout the night.

  • If you want to experience the real Aroma of your fragrance it is very important that you should apply it correctly with the proper amount and fragrance concentration. Many of the people who made a mistake spray their fragrances too Close to their skin may result in a small concentrated area. If you want to experience the richness of fragrance try to spray from about 6 inches away from your skin so that you will be able to cover a slightly vast area with the same amount of perfume.

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