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Background of perfume

In ancient times any Natural material is used to make perfume the word perfume has been derived from Latin words which means to smoke through. Ancient time perfume was made by using different types of Naturals oils flowers, coconut, leaves of the plant, and wood. But today, due to the high demand for perfume, perfume is not only made by using natural oil but is made by using synthetic chemicals. The perfume which is made by using natural oil is costly than perfume which is made by using synthetic chemical. It is Egyptian who uses the perfume first. They made perfume by using wood Gum and natural oil and used as a body lotion for fragrance. After Egyptian Greek and Roman started using perfume. They used perfume after refined. On the Indian subcontinent, around 3300 BC to 1300 BC perfumery was established. Europeans in vents drinks and 17 century the healing properties of the perfume. The widespread use of perfume started from famous France's King Louis XIV. Egypt invents glass bottles for storing perfume but today different types of bottles of perfume available in the market according to the fragrance of the perfume.

Raw material

Perfume is made by using different kinds of raw materials such as Natural ingredients, animal substances, and synthetic chemicals. Fruits root, flowers, olives, coconut, resins, species are the natural ingredients that are used for making perfume. Alcohol and coal are also used in the manufacturing of perfume. Natural oils of some plants are also used for manufacturing the perfume because of the perfume which is made by using natural oil fragrance so good. Some perfume is made by using an animal substance like musk from male deer, castor from beaver’s. Animal substances help in maintaining odors for a longer period of time. Nowadays synthetic Chemicals is used for manufacturing perfume as they help in creating original scents that are not produced by using natural ingredients.

Quality control

As we find perfume is made by using natural ingredients animal substances and synthetic chemicals so sometimes perfume may be risky for some people. The body of every person is different from the other. Sometimes it produces allergies on the body. Therefore it is very important to control the quality of perfume Alia many animals are killed for producing perfume. Jo animal natural oil is very expensive and it is very difficult to collect this URL because this file is found in Tibet and China regions. Nowadays the use of a synthetic chemical in the perfume-making process eliminates the use of natural oil and help in saving lives of animals and also protect people from allergy.

Future of perfume

The future of perfume is very vast as everyone used perfume nowadays. Nowadays perfume is making by using synthetic chemicals. A wide range of the company is present in the market who claim to offer good quality of perfume but is but it is important for us to choose the right kind and right quality of the perfume. Perfume help in improving the relationship and also enhance the personality of the person. When you smell good a lot of people is attracted towards you and you create a positive attitude among people perfume help in attracting the opposite sex and improve sex relationship

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