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Eau De Cologne is a French word that means "water from cologne". Is a perfume that originates from Cologne, Germany. Since its invention, Eau De Cologne has become a must-have perfume in perfumery. It is made up of citrus fruits that evoke a refreshing Aroma that stimulates pleasure in the user. It is having a very light fragrance that is suitable for summer and can be used by both men and women. In this article, we are going to discuss the journey of Eau De Cologne that how it originates and becomes a worldwide success.


Originally it is said that in the year 1709 it is mixed by Giovanni Maria Farina ( Johann Maria Farina). Then it becomes a generic term for the formulation of perfect sent with a typical concentration of 2 to 5% of alcohol with various essential oils with some plant extract and alcohol that gives it a blind to form a perfect fragrance. Typically it has been found that the water column contains a mixture of citrus oils with various other oils including Orange, Tangerine, bergamot, grapefruit, blood orange, lemon, and bitter orange.


Contemporary in America Cologne has been used as a term for perfumes that marked to enhance the personality of a man. It is said that column is having less concentration of alcohol which is a quite affordable and popular version of the typical perfume.


A brief history of Eau De Cologne

Traditionally Eau De Cologne was known as Aqua Mirabilis or admirable water. This perfume has a perfect concentration of alcohol which is mainly produced by many Italian monasteries in middle age. To obtain this water they use to blend various essence of plants and alcohol together.


The history of the origination of Eau De Cologne still remains a matter of mystery. Various researchers have been found that Cologne is basically a citrus perfume which was originated in the year 1709 by Giovanni Maria farina who was an Italian perfume maker in Cologne. While inventing this perfume he said that the fragrance of along reminds him of an Italian spring morning, Orange Blossoms, and of Mountain Daffodils after the rain. He named this perfume cologne after the name of his hometown.


Eau De Cologne is one of the oldest perfumes in the history of fragrance. The Eau De Cologne which was originally developed by Farina was used by most of the royal houses in Europe. At that time his ability to produce a homogeneous Aroma that consists of various essences was seen as a sensation during that time.


In 1806, Jean Marie Joseph Farina, a grand-grand-nephew of Giovanni Maria Farina, opened a perfumery business in Paris that was later sold to Roger & Gallet. That company now owns the rights to Eau de Cologne extra Vieille in contrast to the first Eau de Cologne from Cologne. Originally the water of Cologne was believed to possess the facility to keep off the plague. By drinking the cologne the citrus oil scent would be exuded through the pores, repelling fleas. very much like flea shampoo for dogs are often supported citrus oils today.


From the eighteenth century, ablutions are fashionable again. Baths are recommended by the doctors and washing becomes a pleasing ritual. Heady perfumes are abandoned and everybody is trying to find the famous Admirable Eau de Cologne. Jean-Marie Farina (whose name has become more French to urge the eye of the gentry) delivers its fragrance throughout Europe. Its name becomes simply Eau de Cologne, as a tribute to its adoption city. for nearly two centuries, his perfume will flood the skins and handkerchiefs of society.


With the passage of time, Eau De Cologne has become a very generic term. Nowadays cologne is used as a synonym of perfume that can be used by both men and women but traditionally refers to the perfume that is marketed towards men only.

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